We Stay in Touch with Clients

Convergent works to stay in touch with our clients and keep the lines of communication open.

In addition to our outstanding technologies which give real-time views into program success, we enjoy connecting with clients at every opportunity.

Oftentimes an industry article, event or offhand comment can spark an idea that leads to even greater innovation and success for our clients.

Emergencies and Outages Don’t Always Happen 9 to 5

Tornado season is winding down and we find ourselves in the heart of hurricane season. Winter will be here before we know it. Whether you work at a small municipal utility providing water, electric and sewer services or are part of a multi-state investor-owned utility company, there are always circumstances that can wreak havoc on any sized organization. What sets you apart is how quickly and attentively you handle them.

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Third-Party Collections Analytics

We are long past “smiling and dialing” in third-party collections. Companies rely more and more on analytics to drive their strategies, not only to increase profitability but to enhance client performance and mitigate risk. And for good reason. The use of data and consumer insights to augment efficiencies of third-party collections plays a specific role in the state of our credit-based economy.

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Fortune 500 Global Communications Client

Through the implementation of its CEScore performance management system, Convergent was able to become the highest-performing partner for a Fortune 500 communications client. Convergent has undeniable strengths in highly qualified people, intelligent enterprise and performance management methodologies, as well as best-in-class contact center infrastructure technologies. However, the company was challenged in aligning and optimizing its assets. With CEScore implemented, assets became aligned, all internal parties could understand expectations, and performance could be measured easily. Within 12 months of implementing CEScore, Convergent became a major client’s top-ranked vendor. Convergent attributes much of its recent growth, low agent turnover and exceptional client retention rate to the implementation of CEScore.

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Convergent has called T-Mobile a client-partner for several years. At a recent T-Mobile Agency Summit, Convergent received awards for Most Improved Agency and Top Compliance.


DirecTV has been a Convergent client-partner for some time. While attending the most recent DirecTV Annual Summit, Convergent won the top Quaternary Agency of the Year award.

Telecommunications Industry

At its 2015 conference, TRMA, an industry forum for risk management professionals from telecommunications, pay TV, utility and other industries, presented Convergent the Outstanding Team Members 2014 award.